Web sites and e-shops

Those who are not on the internet, don’t exist and those who are on the internet, but have a disgusting website, shouldn’t be

We create websites, that are sophisticated, secure, intuitive, simple to use, timeless, but mostly really nice. Not only web developer spend time over them, but also graphic designer, programmer, and marketing magician, so they would be understandable not only for nerds, but also for muggles.
Average can not make good impression, limits are infinite, options are billion and when someone clicked on your website, they should stay on it. Together we can think up a solution, that suits your business.

We put EVERYTHING into every project and won’t give our hands away. We can help you with administration if needed.

Did you know, that more than 93% of websites are not optimized for mobile devices? THAT is a FAIL. We are not doing fails like that.

We create you a website, with unique design, sophisticated structure, optimized SEO by marketing specialist, so it fulfills your needs – shiny presentation even without sparkles and offer of products, that are by themselves appearing in the shopping cart.

shall we do it together?

Creation of websites.

Do you want to know, how website is being created? It is a bit of alchemy. Our programmer is clicking something for a very long time, arguing with a graphic designer, doesn’t sleep for a few days and after a dozens of cups of coffee out of nowhere your web is born. In reality it’s even complicated.
First of all, we sit together to get to know your business, hear your ideas and requirements, focus on target group you want to focus on and check your old website. Then we will resolve, what we really want and what we expect from that. You and we. After that, we will joke in the office with cup of good coffee and then start creating.

We are offering complex package of services with work name “Get your feet on the table, and we will work for you.” All from the analyzes, through the graphic design, programming, CSS, HTML and other clusters of letters to a real website. Even though we are professionals, we did also start somehow, so you don’t have to be affraid of us. Just for fun, take a look on our old website, how it looked before we took care of it.

Creation of e-shops.

Customers do remember. They remember, when someone is nice to them at a cash register, but also an e-shop, which added to their order 3€ for a bubblewrap in the last step of order. Yeah, everyone make mistakes, of course, but we can advise you, how to avoid them. Instead of printing you a manual, that you can put on the fridge, we make it different. We create you en e-shop, in which we most likely enjoy to shop too. Easy to use, secure, functional, intuitive, just the one from which you will buy with joy something again.

shall we do it together?
shall we do it together?

Administration of websites.

We all know, that the most strong bond come from the trust. We really honor that. You can entrust us administration of your website without worries. We make sure, that it will always be fresh, lure new customers, pamper the old ones and be a multimedial shepherd, which perfectly reflects your business. We will need a bit of your help, but it will be worth it.