Internet marketing

If you belong to happy ones, who know, what they want, we can show you, how you can accomplish your goals. We set you a marketing strategy, come up with a plan, based on the numbers and offer you few spicy sentences, that can lure new curious customers and we tell you, that for God’s sake, do not do THIS.

shall we do it together?

Marketing strategy.

We start talking few months after the birth. But it makes sense after a few years. If you run a business, you have to be careful, what you say or don’t say.

We create you communication and marketing strategy, which will represent your business with some seriousness, but also humanly, empathetically and sympathetically. We are not affraid to play with words, cut out what is needed from the block of texts and we will spout ideas, which are usable and effective in practise.

We are not offering pink unicorns, we are offering marketing, that really sells.

Google advertising: Adwords.

Adwords, so Google advertisement, is about play with the words. And we are pro in that game. We develop a keywords analysis, according to we will effectively set up an advertisement that will earn you real money and you will have fun with us playing with words. But first we have to get to know each other.

shall we do it together?
shall we do it together?

Facebook advertising.

Pay fans to like you? That’s not how you do Facebook. We set an effective facebook campaign with measurable results (conversions) according to your budget and requirements. Not only we will get you new fans to your page, we will make the customers from the existing ones. And so on.

Administration of facebook pages.

This is what we really enjoy. To sit all day on the Facebook and get paid for that. And now seriously. We fill your Facebook page with content, that will entertain. Us, you, customers. We will chat with your fans, give some advices, answer them, share some puppies or kittens if it will be necesary and then we will make som oohs together over the answers. We promise.

shall we do it together?
shall we do it together?


Did you know, that the term SEO optimalization is bullshit, because SEO means Search Engine Optimization. So do you really want to optimize optimization? Okay, it is possible, that you don’t know any of this, so we will gladly give you a hand. We improve traffic on your website from the organic search, so we will book you TOP positions in Google, just by using the right words, where they have to be, we will play with the references, search your web and fill it with content, that everyone will love. Even the Google.

We make complete SEO analysis from the code to content and rewrite it in a way, that will make sense. To Google robots and customers.