Who are we

We are young, modern and creative team, mainly focusing on … And now imagine the sound of crooking tape. Everyone in this business is like that.

Why are we better?
It is 5 or 6 of us, depending of the season and moon phsase. We are enthusiastic IT guys, graphic designers, creative persons, artists, guys who play with words and texts, who like to do things fairs, responsibly and we are really into it. You can feel it in the job we are doing. Really.
No we are not masters in every craft, that’s why it’s more of us, so we can split the work.  We are making webpages more than 8 years – from the graphic design through realisation to administration.
In these days we are making marketing strategies like kings, which we are seting customly depending of the expectations of the client with the background of the complete SEO analysis.

We are not making solutions on the keys, don’t expect the band production of webpages and e-shops from us. Everything, that gets out of us, is to the details  sophisticated web and marketing solution, which suits only on your business. Not the templates or embarrassing slogans.
We are not affraid of serious work either, we blew some life and energy into the webpage of  Asociácie slovenských arbitrážnych súdov and Slovenskej komory psychológov. You can read more about it in the section REFERENCES.

If you know, what do you want, our cooperation will be a blast. If you don’t know what you want, together we can figure it out anyway. So let’s try.

and few facts about us ...
years of practice
submitted projects
drank coffes per year
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and that's how we like it ...

Perfect result needs perfect performance. Perfect analysis, perfect design, perfect coding, perfect marketing. Ant job is what makes us happy. We do all the hard work and you just lick the cream. But we are used to it, and it doesn't even bother us anymore.


We are doing things, which are thoughtful, but also simple. They make sense to you, your customers and us. So it's not necessary to explain them further. To make webpage doing sales alone. With the marketing strategy, which communicates alone. Just keep it simple, watch and have fun.


We are taking full responsibility for our work. We know, that we are taking care of whole your business. You can rely on meeting deadlines, safely keeping results of analysis and informations, you will share with us.


Everything is about communication. The better we know each other, the better we work with each other. And we are not keeping our approaches to ourselves, we are not keeping secrets from you. If you are curious, just ask. It's your business, so it's better for you to know everything. And how it is supposed to work long after we will pass passwords from the new admin to you.